Singing Tuition

We believe in teaching a good vocal technique, and consider it very important for students to learn how to use and not abuse their voice. We teach various styles with the main two being musical theatre and classical.

Whether you are singing classical, musical theatre or popular music, a good technique and understanding of the art of singing is a must for any student whether amateur or professional.

All students are taught how to work with their own voice, and to sing intelligently.

Tuitions is offered for:

AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) examinations
WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education)

Basic understandings:

Anyone (well, almost anyone) can learn to sing.
You need a real live breathing teacher - not a voice on a CD!
You have to make a commitment to work hard
You have to realise that it takes time and patience
That you may not realise your ambition to be a singer for two or three years.

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